Business Management of Subsidiaries

We work in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

In UR Global, we comprehensively manage the subsidiaries in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Equator and Colombia), Portugal and Spain.

We offer this service thinking in an integrated manner for business management (parent-subsidiary) thanks to a management team in Spain and more than 250 workers in Latin America. We have an executive management team in each country, who are specialists in business management of subsidiaries. This enables us to have a fluid communication with the parent and subsidiaries in Latin American countries.

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Subsidiary management

In this section, you can find the description of each of the services of our business management of subsidiaries.

You can contact us and we will be in charge of explaining you in detail what are these services, setting a meeting with you in Spain or Latin America.

Labor consultancy and management

We control all labor aspects of your different subsidiaries. We comply with local regulations, knowledge of specificities in labor matters of every country, hiring and departure of employees, advice in hiring and firing, etc.

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International taxation

We detect opportunities of tax optimization, risk of falling into over taxation and compliance with the local framework. We know international taxation and that of every subsidiary in Latin American countries.

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asesoría fiscal y contable

Tax and accounting services

We carry out all the processes that the subsidiary requires so that from the parent company they have a clear vision, understand their financial statements and consult us with any questions regarding the accounting and tax peculiarities of each country.

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servicio logistica

Logistics management

We help to internationalize Spanish organizations that move their products and need to nationalize it through the creation of a subsidiary in Latin America, supporting with the management of imports and local distribution.

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