We work in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

In UR Global, we comprehensively manage the subsidiaries in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia), Portugal and Spain.

We offer this service thinking in an integrated manner for business management (parent-subsidiary) thanks to a management team in Spain and more than 250 workers in Latin America. We have an executive management team in each country, who are specialists in business management of subsidiaries. This enables us to have a fluid communication with the parent and subsidiaries in Latin American countries.

Internationalization of companies

The internationalization of the company is not an easy step for companies. When we have an anchor client, a potential customer mass or we know the potential of a market, the best way to do it is creating a subsidiary. In that case, we will have to consider the necessary control on that subsidiary, taking into account the distance and different rules that increase the risks of losing control and ignoring the rules. To this end, it is necessary to have business management services for subsidiaries in order to have the control from the parent and allow the business development by the work teams.

In UR Global, we offer integral service for the creation and management of business subsidiaries.

We develop all the company’s internationalization project by advising and managing in the best way in all necessary areas for the subsidiary management or foreign company (administrative, labor, legal, tax, accounting; import, inventory and storage management if the company moves products…). Furthermore, we deal with other necessary arrangements for the company, such as bank accounts, recruitment, advice in international taxation or advice on the procedures to be followed by the deployed personnel.

The development and management of subsidiary companies in Latin America for more than 20 years support us.

Making the jump to the international market with UR Global is guarantee of security and knowledge of the key aspects to consider in each country and a lot of experience in internationalization projects.

We will be your trusted partner with an integral service of the internationalization process in order to deal with the operational part and focus on the business development and project management.

Your subsidiary in good hands

We offer business management of subsidiaries to more than 400 subsidiaries in the seven countries where we operate. We integrate all back office areas so that companies work properly. In other words, we perform the legal, accounting, tax and labor service. Furthermore, if the company moves products, we deal with the management of its imports, storage and stock control.

As experts with extensive experience in business management in subsidiaries:

  • We provide great value in international taxation, especially in the optimization of Spain-Latin America taxation, by defining the most suitable concepts to invoice in each case, such as management fees, technical assistance, among others.
  • In UR Global, we provide great value in what we might call “country factor” where we have great experience, because we provide solutions to our client, foreign company (especially international) for many years.

Professional support

In UR Global, we have extensive experience in business creation and management of your parent and subsidiary.

Currently, more than 400 clients trust us for business management in their subsidiaries in México, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

Our clients have a professional team in Spain and the country where the subsidiary is created, offering personalized service and professional support throughout the process of consulting and business management, necessary for the day-to-day subsidiary.

Our service is offered comprehensively. For business culture and liability insurance that support us, we can avoid unnecessary risks and seek the maximum profitability and safety in each internationalization project.

Subsidiary management services

In this section, you can find the description of each of the services of our business management of subsidiaries.

You can contact us and we will be in charge of explaining you in detail what are these services, setting a meeting with you in Spain or Latin America.

Administrative services

Billing customers, managing their payments, inventory control, among other services.

Labor consultancy and management

We control all labor aspects of your different subsidiaries. We comply with local regulations, knowledge of specificities in labor matters of every country, hiring and departure of employees, advice in hiring and firing, etc.

Legal advice and management

Comprehensive and updated advice in the different operational stages of companies and ensuring compliance with the prevailing legal framework in every country.

International taxation

We detect opportunities of tax optimization, risk of falling into over taxation and compliance with the local framework. We know international taxation and that of every subsidiary in Latin American countries.

Tax and accounting services

We carry out all the processes that the subsidiary requires so that from the parent company they have a clear vision, understand their financial statements and consult us with any questions regarding the accounting and tax peculiarities of each country.

Logistics management

We help to internationalize Spanish organizations that move their products and need to nationalize it through the creation of a subsidiary in Latin America, supporting with the management of imports and local distribution.


+ than 400 clients in the 7 countries where we operate

+ than1.000 payrolls in our outsourcing

+ than 120 Transfer Pricing Studies conducted annually

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