Business services in Brazil

UR Global has its own buildings in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), particularly in the Moema district. From there we offer business services in Brazil to help in the internationalization of Spanish and foreign companies in 2010.

Our team will help you in all internationalization stages: from the incorporation of the company, to the comprehensive management and advice at destination, in the tax, legal, accounting, labor and administrative areas, facilitating the continuity and operability of the business.

UR Global: specialists in subsidiary management in Brazil

That experience of more than 10 years in Latin America’s largest economy has made us highly knowledgeable about the Brazilian market. We are aware of the importance of carrying out an exhaustive and correct analysis of all the stages of the project, applying the necessary solutions in each one of them.

In addition to the accounting, tax, legal and labor management of more than 50 subsidiaries in Brazil, we also perform specific corporate services in the country, such as:

  • Annual Statement of Foreign Capital
  • General Data Protection Act
  • Import and tax studies and cost of sales calculation
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Annual Statement of Foreign Capital in Brazil

All Brazilian companies that have bold international investment and/or participation of partners/shareholders domiciled abroad are obliged to make the declaration. This is a declaration that must be filed annually.

To make the Annual Foreign Capital Declaration in Brazil it will be mandatory to have accounting numbers of the company extracted from the annual accounting closing of the Brazilian company, normally as of the base date of 12/31 of the previous year, with information such as assets, liabilities and net equity, among others.

Failure to submit the Information to the Central Bank, leads to the application of fines that can vary between 25.000 BRL up to a maximum of 250,000 BRL, depending on the specific case.

Therefore, we count on this business service in Brazil and we know that it is of great importance the completion of the Annual Statement by all Brazilian entities with international investment or with partners and shareholders domiciled abroad.

business services in Brazil
Revisoría Fiscal

General Data Protection Law in Brazil

In 2018, the General Data Protection Law in Brazil, whose validity became effective as of 2020 and whose economic consequences begin to take effect as of August 2021.

This law has similarities with the European Data Protection Act (GDPR) and, like the GDPR, deals with the protection and processing of data of individuals and companies, including in digital media. The Data Protection Law in Brazil was created with the main objective of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy.

This is a mandatory requirement in Brazil and failure to comply with its rulings may lead to fines (implementation as of August 2021) that can reach representative figures, equivalent to 2% of the company’s turnover, up to the limit of R$50 million.

To avoid these problems and comply with current regulations at all times, UR Global manages subsidiaries and offers business services to help companies operating in Brazil comply with Brazilian laws at all times.

Revisoría Fiscal

Import, tax and sales costing studies in Brazil

Before starting to operate and internationalize your company in Brazil, it is vital to carry out a detailed preliminary study to know both the taxation and the correct calculation of the cost of sale of the product or service in order to obtain success in the project.

UR Global has a specialized team to provide companies that are interested in commercializing products and services in Brazil with detailed studies:

  • Tax impact analysis
  • Import costs
  • Profit margin
  • Possible tax benefits

Among other aspects that can help the company to make the best decisions when setting up in Brazil.

business services in Brazil
business services in Brazil

Other business services in Brazil

  • Import cost studies by tariff rate
  • Analysis of the Brazilian tax regime
  • Product analysis with respect to possible tax benefits
  • Choice of location, etc.
business services in Brazil

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