Business services in Chile

At UR Global we are experts in the management of subsidiaries of Spanish companies in Chile. With more than 4 years of experience in the country, offering solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients with our business services in Chile.

We have our own offices in Providencia, Santiago.

UR Global: specialists in subsidiary management in Chile

We offer comprehensive support throughout the internationalization process: from the incorporation of the company in Chile, helping them in their expansion abroad, to the integral management and advice in destination, in the fiscal, legal, accounting, labor and administrative areas, facilitating the continuity of the business.

Our team has a depth knowledge of the local market, to ensure our clients’ financial and tax obligations.

In addition to subsidiary management in Chile, we offer country-specific business services:

  • Assistance in claims before the Labor Inspectorate
  • Completion of Affidavits
  • Obtaining the Investor’s RUT
  • Obtaining visas and work permits
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Assistance in claims before the Labor Inspection in Chile

At UR Global Chile we have professionals specialized in providing legal assistance before hearings to be held at the Labor Inspectorate, offering the services of:

  • Representation of employers before the Labor Inspection.
  • Legal defense before the Labor Inspection.
  • Appeal of fines issued by the Labor Inspection.
  • Negotiation.

Process of assistance in claims before the Labor Inspectorate

    • Usual situation: Termination of employment relationship
    • When an employee makes a claim stating a breach of labor or social security obligations by his or her former employer.
    • The agency summons your former employer to attend a conciliation hearing.
    • In order to reach an out-of-court settlement.

    At UR Global, we advise and accompany all Chilean companies in this process before the Labor Inspection.

    Employers facing comparendos at the Labor Inspectorate.

  • Legal assistance before the labor inspectorate.
  • Appeal of fines issued by the Labor Inspection.
  • Negotiation.
Business services in Chile
Business services in Chile

Making Affidavits in Chile

    • We know the importance of preparing the Affidavits required by the Internal Revenue Service and the tax authorities, according to the information contemplated in their accounting books. Failure to comply with the deadline will result in fines and penalties for the companies.
Business services in Chile

Obtaining an Investor's RUT in Chile

We manage the application for registration and obtainment of the RUT (Rol Único Tributario) of Investor in Chile;

Process for obtaining an Investor's RUT in Chile

    • Obtaining the RUT is the first step that a foreign person (natural or legal) must take in order to be able to carry out any economic activity in Chile.

      Thus, complying with all the requirements of the tax authority (Internal Revenue Service) in order to materialize as soon as possible the commercial project in our country, being legally authorized to carry out any investment activity in our country.

      In addition to sending foreign workers to work in Chile, it is necessary to have a residence visa, which grants permission to reside in the country, gives access to the Chilean identity card or RUT and with it to be able to work legally.

Business services in Chile
Servicios empresariales en Chile

Obtaining visas and work permits in Chile

    • At UR Global we advise and help you with the procedures to obtain the following licenses visas and work permits in Chile for those citizens who travel to Chile with the purpose of fulfilling an employment contract or those who are in Chile and intend to settle in the country for the same purpose.

      These services are highly valued by our customers

Servicios empresariales en Chile

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