Compliance audit

At UR Global we are experts in compliance auditing and business consulting. If you are operating in another country and have doubts about whether your company complies with all internal and external regulations in the accounting, tax, legal and labor fields, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a long experience working in compliance audits in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Portugal.

UR Global’s auditors have extensive experience in the sector, which is why we provide immediate solutions to the doubts that our clients may have regarding internal auditing and compliance.

What is a compliance audit?

A compliance audit is the analysis carried out by companies to ensure that they comply with the regulations, both internally and externally, in the legal, accounting, tax and labor fields, in the countries in which they are operating.

Organizations operating in several countries are exposed to a high volume of regulations that need to be identified and analyzed.

Sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations due to ignorance or omission constitute a major risk for organizations, with economic and reputational impacts that even jeopardize the continuity of operations in their subsidiaries.

Since every company wants to operate its subsidiaries in accordance with current legislation and comply with regulations, it is necessary to have an expert company to review and ensure that they are operating in this way. UR Global will guarantee the correct operation with a compliance audit.

How can we help you?

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How does UR Global conduct a compliance audit of the parent company and its subsidiaries?

At UR Global, we manage more than 400 Spanish subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal, and we are well acquainted with local regulations. Therefore, we analyze if our client is applying it and we will advise him for its compliance.

We help our client to identify the range of regulations to which it is exposed in each country. Therefore, thanks to our compliance audit service, we establish to what extent the company is acting in accordance with the legality that affects it and we put a solution to fix it.

After the risk analysis, in the compliance audit, it is usually necessary to carry out some procedures such as the performance of Transfer Pricing Studies that support the intercompany parent-subsidiary operations. There are many occasions in which, although the company is obliged to do so, it has not done so and runs an unnecessary risk.

The same applies to the execution of contracts between the parent company and the subsidiary, the completion of the formalities at origin and destination to which the employee and the company are obliged when personnel are sent abroad to carry out projects.

Or, for example, non-compliances in labor matters following the updating of laws or non-compliances at the accounting and tax level that may bring consequences following a review by the authorities, among other problems often faced.

Thanks to these reviews, we guarantee that the company is complying with local legal, accounting, tax and labor regulations in each of the subsidiaries analyzed.

Compliance audit

Why UR Global for the compliance audit service?

Compliance audit

UR Global is the firm model that best suits companies that need a compliance audit.

We operate in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal. We manage more than 400 Spanish subsidiaries there and are therefore fully aware of local and international regulations.

We have our own team of more than 250 people in Latin America and local partners to whom we provide support throughout the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Compliance Audit is performed by reviewing the documents that support legal, labor, financial and accounting operations, in order to determine whether the procedures used and the internal control measures are in accordance with local and international regulations.


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