Compliance audit

In UR Global, we are experts in business consultancy and advisory. If you are operating in another country and you have doubts about whether your company meets all standards (internal and external) in the accounting, tax, legal and labor fields, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have extensive experience working in compliance audits in countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal.

The UR Global auditors have extensive experience in the area, that’s why we provide immediate solutions to doubts made by clients with respect to internal audit and compliance.

What is a compliance audit?

A compliance audit is the analysis carried out by companies to ensure compliance with the rules, both internally and externally, in the legal, accounting, tax and labor fields in the countries where they operate.

The organizations operating in several countries are exposed to a high level of regulations that need to be identified and analyzed.

The sanctions for violating laws and rules due to ignorance or omission represent a significant risk for organizations, with economic and reputational impacts that even threaten the business continuity in their subsidiaries.

Given that every company want to operate in their subsidiaries and comply with regulations according to the current legislation, it is necessary that they have an expert company to review and ensure operations. UR Global will ensure you the proper operation with a compliance audit.

How can we help you?

If you want to make an inquiry about our services for business management, please fill out the inquiry form. 

In the internationalization processes, it is essential to have a consulting business to help the company to know keys and risks at the accounting, legal, labor and tax level in order to comply with all the obligations and avoid unpleasant surprises, due to ignorance and bad advice.

How do we make a compliance audit of the parent and its subsidiaries in UR Global?

In UR Global, we manage more than 400 international subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal; we know very well the local regulations. Therefore, we analyze if our client is applying these regulations and we advise him/her on their fulfilment.

We help our client to identify the range of regulations to which he/she is exposed in each country. Therefore, due to our compliance audit service, we establish to what extent the company is working in accordance with the law and we provide solutions, if necessary.

After the risk analysis in the compliance audit, you usually have to implement some procedures such as the conduct of transfer pricing studies that support the parent-subsidiary intercompany operations. In many cases although the company is obliged, it does not make it and take unnecessary risks.

The same happens with the execution of contracts between parent and subsidiary, conduct of procedures in origin and destination where the worker and company are obliged when the staff is moved abroad to implement projects.

For example, the non-compliance in labor matters after the updating of laws and breaches at legal and tax level that can have consequences after the review by the authorities, among other problems we often face.

With these reviews, we ensure that the company is fulfilling with each of the analyzed subsidiaries, with local regulations at legal, accounting, tax and labor level.

Why use UR Global to carry out the compliance audit service?

UR Global is the firm model best suited to companies that need to carry out a compliance audit.

We operate in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal. There we manage more than 400 international subsidiaries and therefore, we are fully aware of local and international regulations.

We have an own team, composed by more than 250 people in Latin America and local partners, who we monitor throughout the project.

Frequently asked questions

The compliance audit is carried out by reviewing the documents that provide legal, labor, financial and accounting support to the operations in order to determine if procedures used and internal control measures are in line with local and international regulations.       

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