Human Resources and International Mobility

At UR Global, we work in a comprehensive manner on human resources and international mobility for companies with headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia) and Portugal.

Thanks to our management team in Spain and more than 250 employees in Latin America specialized in human resources and international mobility, we offer a comprehensive service to all our clients. This allows us to maintain fluid communication with the parent company and its subsidiaries in Latin America and Portugal.

Mobility of workers

At UR Global we specialize in the management of Spanish subsidiaries in Latin America and in advising on international taxation of their operations abroad. This means that we have a great deal of experience in the international mobility of workers who are displaced to carry out all these projects. We operate in more than 7 countries in Spain, Portugal and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia), although we advise companies with personnel located all over the world.

In this type of project, the time of the project and the work to be carried out must be taken into account at the time of travel.

At UR Global, we have created a human resources and international mobility department to offer comprehensive advice to your company in the different processes.

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Internationalization of the company

From our offices in Madrid, Mexico City, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Lisbon we provide a wide range of services related to expatriate taxation and international mobility. We try to act with proximity to know each project, the consulting needs and the execution of the obligations that both the company and the worker have in origin and destination.

We guarantee security when making the leap from the national market to the international market.

You will be able to know the obligations of the company and the employee at destination and the procedures to be carried out from the head office, in order to be in line with the local regulations in both countries, as well as to receive a complete advice after knowing the casuistry of the company and of each employee, to provide tailor-made solutions, which guarantee both the fulfillment of obligations and possible tax savings.

We will become your trusted partner by offering a comprehensive service for the internationalization process, international mobility and expatriate taxation.

Internationalization of the company

We have experience in the payroll management of more than 3,000 workers in Latin America, we know perfectly the needs that companies have in the field of human resources and international mobility.

In this sense, we are especially expert in tax aspects, which play a key role in these international relocations, since our advice on expatriate taxation has a direct impact on the costs linked to the employee’s relocation and on compliance with local regulations, but with the experience of knowing their exemptions, such as the exemption of exempt income for displaced personnel hired in Spain, whose tax benefits applicable according to the Personal Income Tax Law are:

  • Work performed abroad: Exemption under article 7p of the Personal Income Tax Law for work performed abroad (up to 60,100 euros). Management of the refund of undue income, if applicable.
  • “Expatriation bonus” not subject if there is a transfer of the work center. (Art 9.A Personal Income Tax Law), for trips lasting more than 9 months.
  • Allowances for subsistence and living expenses for trips lasting less than 9 continuous months.

We also carry out the formalities in Spain that must take place prior to the worker’s posting:

  • Communication of the employee’s posting to the Spanish Tax Agency. Form 247 to authorize the paying company to stop making personal income tax withholdings.
  • Notification of the employee’s posting to the Spanish Social Security system

We will become your reliable partner by offering you a comprehensive service for the internationalization process, international mobility and expatriate taxation.

Human Resources and International Mobility Services

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Advice on taxation of expatriates

We respond to the needs of companies that are currently seconding personnel to their subsidiaries. We are experts in dealing with tax issues that play an important role in relocations.

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Recruitment and selection of personnel

We carry out personnel selections in all the countries where we operate and we carry out a previous study to adapt to the personnel needs of the Spanish company in destination, which are a key aspect for the success of your project.

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Visa and work permit processing

We expedite the procedures and management in obtaining visas. We know the times, bureaucracy and different visas of the different countries.

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Outsourcing of personnel in Latin America

We offer personnel outsourcing services in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru for companies that do not have a legal entity or for tax reasons want to outsource their personnel.


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