International Taxation

The current economic situation has accelerated the internationalization process of companies through an increase in exports, direct investment, and corporate multi-localization processes.

You are in the right place if you are in search for company consultancy as well as business management with services for dealing with topics related to international taxation, especially if your company is going through an internationalization process.

There has been a substantial increase in the number, relevance, and typology of   international intercompany transactions.  Therefore, companies are in need for a specialized international taxation advisor to know about the principal tools when dealing with subsidiary operations or permanent consultancy. Also, when there are several export operations, such as:

  • International double taxation agreements with third parties
  • Analysis of the billable concept and its processing in each country
  • The project’s execution time and its implications
  • Local regulations applicable
  • Consultancy on taxation of relocated personnel, among others…
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Expertos en Fiscalidad Internacional

Experts in International Taxation

UR Global, as leaders in subsidiary management of Spanish and Latin American companies, possesses an international taxation department  composed by business consultancy experts of companies in Spain and Latin America. We aim to meet everyday necessities companies have in many countries with projects, subsidiaries and relocated personnel.

Aiming to bring consultancy on the principal keys on international taxation of a company’s internationalization process, we offer a product catalogue including the complete cycle of the decision-making process:

  • Transfer pricing studies in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Chile.
  • Active and passive income taxes optimization studies.
  • Permanent or specific advice on national and international taxation.
  • Consultancy on international taxation to detect tax optimization and identify risks of a potential over-taxation or not complying the local regulations where the company operates.
  • Taxation planning on internationalization processes, with the elaboration of a report or with permanent consultancy. The latter analyses the countries where the company operates, double taxation agreements and provides a taxation strategy, which makes it more convenient to perform operations with the different involved countries.
  • Expatriate taxation: Consultancy on relocated personnel, application of the art 7p, consultancy on future communication for social security and both the originally recruited and destination Tax Agencies, taxation optimization and remuneration.
  • Realization of contracts involved in intercompany operations.

UR Global Services:
International Taxation

Transfer Pricing Studies

Our experts in international taxation carry out transfer pricing studies for costumers from various areas: renewable energies, marketing agencies, cybersecurity companies, engineering, industrial plants…

International Taxation Consultancy

We bring solutions on general taxation, international taxation and taxation consultancy for expats and advice on great assets.

Tax Optimization

We help you deal with taxes optimally through your organization’s active and passive income analysis based on our knowledge on local taxation regulations and international taxation.

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