International taxation for subsidiaries

As international taxation advisors of more than 400 international companies with operations in Latin America, we have a global vision of our clients’ operations in the parent and subsidiaries.

We know international taxation, but also the taxation of each subsidiary where we operate in the different countries of Latin America. Indeed, we analyze the operations that there are with any country worldwide.

UR Global: Experts in international taxation for subsidiaries

After several years of specialization in the management of international subsidiaries in Latin America has generated that we have knowledge on international taxation, highly valued by our clients. We detect opportunities of tax optimization and identify risks of incurring in over taxation. Therefore, we help to meet local regulations, unknown by many companies, bur also we help to optimize taxation of the company after the proper taxation.

International taxation is one of the services most demanded by companies operating internationally. This is because when there are operations in several countries, it is crucial to have an expert adviser, which knows the main keys to have into account and solve daily consultations for any financial management: tax strategy to optimize parent/subsidiary workflows; advisory to define the most appropriate concepts to invoice in each case; contracts that bear these operations; execution period of the project; implications of the applicable local regulations; tax advisory for the staff moved to the project, etc.

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Fiscalidad internacional para filiales

Services that include international taxation for subsidiaries

In order to advise on the main keys of an internationalization process, we offer a service catalog to our clients, which covers all the decision-making process:

  • Advice on tax strategy to optimize parent/subsidiary workflows and define the most appropriate concepts to invoice in each case.
  • Advice on contracts that bear the parent/subsidiary operations.
  • Advice for optimizing parent/subsidiary workflows.
  • Implementation of the double taxation conventions between Spain and different countries.
  • Tax optimization studies on active (intercompany invoicing and third countries) and passive income (dividends and loans).
  • Tax planning in internationalization processes.
  • Transfer pricing studies in Spain, México, Colombia, Peru, Equator, Brazil and Chile.
  • Expatriate taxation: Advice to deployed personnel, implementation of article 7p; advice on communication made to the social security and tax office either the origin or destination, tax optimization and remuneration.
  • In addition to the services offered to the subsidiaries, in Spain we also provide the international taxation advisory service for companies, which have export operations with many countries. We analyze the double taxation conventions of these countries with Spain and we advise on the more convenient tax strategy to operate with the different countries concerned.
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