Logistics management

In UR Global, we were born with the intention of helping internationalize the global companies that moved their products, which needed to be nationalized through the creation of a subsidiary in Mexico.

In accordance with those needs and experience, we offer services with respect to import and export of products and logistics management.

After many years of managing international subsidiaries in Latin America, today we provide services to all type of companies in this field, in Mexico and other countries where we operate.

Why use UR Global for logistics management?

The import logistics management and storage service to keep stock and delivery to the client is not only what differentiates us from the rest of companies, who rarely provide this integral service, but also this service is part of the spirit that we have in UR Global. In UR Global, we want the company is dedicated to the business development so that we can focus on the operational part.

How can we help you?

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Logistics warehouse in Mexico

We have a logistics warehouse in Mexico where we offer you to storage products by sharing resources and logistics costs and minimizing the implementation costs in a country. The warehouse space has more than 6000 square meters, where we serve companies that store all types of products under the modality of shared resources. Here we show you some examples of clients to which we perform integral management of their subsidiary in Mexico (accounting, legal, tax and labor management), in addition to the management of their imports, storage and local distribution:

  • Lighters that will be distributed to Oxxo stores throughout Mexico.
  • Curtains to be sold online and in department stores.
  • Haute cuisine products dedicated to the hospitality sector and will be sold in supermarkets.
  • Industrial parts that will be distributed throughout the country.
  • Cable and material for broadband facilities.
  • Children’s fashion that will be distributed in own stores and franchise.
  • Porcelain figures that will be sold in the most exclusive department stores, among others.

Storage service for companies

With our storages in Mexico, our clients will benefit from the storage service:

  • Warehouse space
  • Warehouse management
  • Loading and unloading of consignments
  • Maintenance, freight elevator
  • Auxiliary services
  • Monitoring, water, electricity…
Gestión logística

Import logistics management

In UR Global, we manage imports of our clients, so that we ensure that the product enters without problems to the country. To this end, we review all documentation and follow up on all process with the services described below:

  • Contact with the logistics provider in origin and destination.
  • Document review that protects import and export.
  • Contact with the customs broker for the release of goods.
  • Procedure for the economy notice to import to Mexico.
  • Processing of the certificates of origin for exports (with previous information by the client).
  • Follow up on consignment (delivery, documentary file on import and export.
  • Follow up on the invoice reception to perform accounting in a timely manner and thus ensure the deductibility of expenses and the proper implementation of sales cost of each product.

Frequently asked questions on logistics management

Logistics management is defined as the management of different raw materials, products or services during the supply chain, from its origin to the final consumer. In other words, logistics management is responsible for all operations to ensure the availability of a product, service or information, so that they are in an optimal way for their subsidiary in a timely manner.

In UR Global, we seek to optimize the use of resources so that your subsidiary obtain a corporative strategy based on productivity, performance and integration.

Some objectives derived from the strategic planning will be achieved with the hiring of logistics management:

  • Access a shared resources scheme with other companies and thus reduce costs of surveillance, machinery, etc.
  • Adapt the operating costs to each stage of growth in order not to be bloated in resources and costs when sales are not very high as there will be if we do things right and the market reacts.
  • Focus on business development, but not so much in the operational part of a country usually unknown. Stock control, selling cost and imports must be guaranteed.
  • Access to markets geographically bigger
  • Increase competitiveness of your company
  • Improve the satisfaction of your clients

In the internationalization processes, it is essential to have a consulting business to help the company to know keys and risks at the accounting, legal, labor and tax level in order to comply with all the obligations and avoid unpleasant surprises, due to ignorance and bad advice.


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