Mergers and acquisitions advisory

At UR Global we provide advice on mergers and acquisitions of companies and corporations, as part of our tax legal advisory services to companies. We offer all the necessary services for the merger or acquisition of a company or corporation in Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador.

Our consulting experts will accompany and advise our client during the entire process of the transaction of companies, referring to the acquisition and sale of companies or businesses or to mergers and business restructurings.

Acquisition and merger of companies (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions, known by their acronym M&A, are transactions of ownership, usually of companies.

Acquisition of companies

A joint venture or acquisition occurs when a company buys part of the capital stock of another company, with the intention of totally or partially dominating it.
The result is the takeover of one company by the other, through the total or partial purchase of its shares or assets. To this end, it is important to surround yourself with professionals in the sector who will accompany you in the process through a mergers and acquisitions consultancy.

Merger of companies

In a corporate merger operation, the result is the union of two or more companies, with the inevitable extinction of all or some of them.

After the process, its partners and assets will be integrated into one of the existing companies or into a new company.

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What does the M&A advisory service consist of?

M&A (mergers and acquisitions) operations are used to learn about all aspects of a company for which we are targeting a purchase or merger. Our M&A advisory services help our clients to establish the fundamental criteria for selecting the best purchase option or the best target buyer.

For this purpose, we carry out the tax legal advisory work in the negotiation and the corresponding Due Diligence that will exempt us.

Mergers and acquisitions advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory at UR Global

Mergers and acquisitions advisory

UR Global advises companies on mergers and acquisitions in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Chile and Ecuador.

Our team, with offices in each country and a Spanish management team, has extensive experience in supporting our clients in tax legal advisory services working on company acquisitions and mergers.

We accompany and advise our client throughout the entire transaction process, both in the acquisition and sale of companies/businesses, as well as in mergers and business restructurings.
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In addition, we offer a comprehensive business consulting service, providing advice on the capital increases and contributions, acquisitions, transformation of companies, mergers of companies and disposals of companiesby carrying out the partner agreementthe drafting of parent-subsidiary agreements, and in the application of tax optimization strategies for the parent company’s operations with its subsidiaries.

Why UR Global for M&A advisory services?

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Knowledge of each country

At UR Global we provide the legal services required in mergers and acquisitions of companies in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Portugal.

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Comprehensive support

Mainly, in our mergers and acquisitions advisory service we will accompany you throughout the legal and tax structuring process of the merger or acquisition.

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Tailor-made advice

We support our client in the different phases of the transaction, offering tailor-made advice and supported by other companies of the group such as our firm A2ym Legal.

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Strategic consulting

In the merger or acquisition of a company, we advise our clients in the negotiation and apply our strategic consulting expertise throughout the process: We draw up the corresponding agreements of intent, partners' agreement and confidentiality agreements. We perform the necessary due diligence. We draw up purchase and sale contracts. We apply our knowledge of taxation.

Frequently asked questions about mergers and acquisitions advisory services

The main objective of an audit is to issue a diagnosis of a business information system, which allows decisions to be made about it. The objective of the audit of a company is to verify whether the annual accounts reflect a true and fair view of the company in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework, issuing a diagnosis of a business information system, which allows decisions to be made about it.

Mergers are a way of uniting two or more economically independent companies. If you are deciding to merge the assets of two or more companies into a single company in which to develop your business, do not hesitate to contact UR Global for mergers and acquisitions advice.

In a merger by absorption, the absorbed companies are integrated into another company that already exists. The latter acquires, as a result of the transaction, the assets and liabilities of the absorbed companies.

As for the partners of the extinguished companies, they participate with the partners of the company resulting from the merger, with a number of shares proportional to the number of shares they held in the extinguished company, and as a result, the capital stock of the absorbing company will increase by the proportional amount.


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