Membership Pact Service

The Partners’ Agreement establishes the relationship between the partners of a company through agreements and certain rules to avoid problems within the company or with third parties.

The advantage of this service is to anticipate and foresee possible conflicts between company partners and offer previously agreed solutions to resolve them.

What is the Recruitment Service?

One of the biggest challenges for a company that decides to enter a new market is to choose the human capital that will form part of its subsidiary. Responsible personnel is a determining factor for the success of the project, so being surrounded by professionals like the ones we have at UR Global, experts in human resources consulting is of great importance for the recruitment and selection process.

Personnel selection is a service that allows us to find, based on the characteristics of the company, its needs and the country where it operates, the profile that best fits the project.

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Partners Pact

Why UR Global for the realization of a Partners' Agreement?

At UR Global we manage and carry out company consultancies in more than 400 subsidiaries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Therefore, we carry out a number of incorporations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Portugal and Spain annually. Some of them work with a partner, and in order to protect our client, we strongly recommend the execution of a Partner Agreement.

This experience and knowledge is highly valued by our clients in tax law, who, when facing an internationalization process with a partner, must be very well advised. Not only on the corporate side, but also in the management of what we call the “country factor”, which we know very well when it comes to the Partners’ Pact.

When should a Partners' Agreement be made?

It is recommended to make the Partners’ Agreement when the company is being incorporated, in order to set the Company’s guidelines from the first day.

However, each case is different and at UR Global we will be happy to listen, meet with consulting companies in Spain or Latin America, and advise based on our experience and knowledge.

Partners Pact
Partners Pact

What is the process for the execution of a Partnership Pact?

UR Global’s legal team, which handles the incorporation of the company, analyzes the type of company under which it is to be incorporated and the sector of activity after a legal tax consultancy.

Based on our experience, we recommend alignments and rules of good functioning between partners so that the stability of the subsidiary is not affected.

We accompany our client in the negotiation, financing of the project and implementation of the Partners’ Agreement.

Partners Pact

Membership Pact Frequently Asked Questions

The Shareholders’ Agreement is an instrument that makes it possible to anticipate and foresee common situations in a company. It is in no way a way to convey a lack of trust towards the partner, but rather a tool that saves time and money thanks to a clear structure.

The objective of a Partnership Pact is plural:

  • Structuring the company.
  • To regulate the relationships of the different partners.
  • To determine how resolutions are adopted.
  • Establish measures and mechanisms for conflict resolution.

The contents included, as a general rule, are the following clauses:

  • Member functions
  • Remuneration.
  • Commitments.
  • Intellectual and industrial property.
  • Right of entry and exit.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Exit clauses

At UR Global, we offer legal and tax advice when it comes to making Partners’ Agreements. After managing 400 subsidiaries annually in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, we have extensive experience.


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