Recruitment and selection of personnel

At UR Global we are specialists in human resources consulting. We work in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Portugal. We have a database of more than 2000 profiles hired thanks to our recruitment and selection services, specialized in the internationalization of companies.

What is the Recruitment Service?

One of the biggest challenges for a company that decides to enter a new market is to choose the human capital that will form part of its subsidiary. Responsible personnel is a determining factor for the success of the project, so being surrounded by professionals like the ones we have at UR Global, experts in human resources consulting is of great importance for the recruitment and selection process.

Personnel selection is a service that allows us to find, based on the characteristics of the company, its needs and the country where it operates, the profile that best fits the project.

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Recruitment and selection service UR Global

UR Global offers recruitment services on an annual basis to the more than 400 subsidiaries we manage in the different countries where we operate: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Portugal.

We have started many projects in each country with the recruitment and selection of personnel thanks to a database that is constantly updated with new profiles. In addition, we offer companies the possibility of having outsourced personnel on our payroll when they wish to do so for operational reasons, since in several countries the company is obliged to comply with various formalities and obligations when hiring personnel and it is in their best interest to have outsourced personnel, or if they want to operate in the country but without a legal entity (branch or subsidiary).

personnel selection
personnel selection

Why UR Global for overseas recruitment and selection?

Since 2002, we have been involved in setting up subsidiaries in the eight countries where we operate (Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru) for the more than 400 Spanish companies we manage.

These companies have asked us for human resources advice in order to choose the people in charge of their subsidiaries and to achieve success in the recruitment and selection process. UR Global has supported them thanks to a wide network of contacts in the country and a broad knowledge of the needs of Spanish companies in the destination country.

Thanks to our experience, we know the vital importance of human capital in an internationalization process, in which there are key positions for the success of the project, such as the search for a country manager.

personnel selection

When should recruitment be outsourced to in-country experts?

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Personnel when the subsidiary is opened

It is very common for recruitment and selection processes to be carried out when the company opens the subsidiary.

The company needs the figure of a country manager, capable of managing the relationship with current customers, bringing the parent company's corporate culture to the subsidiary and developing business with new customers. In this first stage, it is common that although the services are invoiced from the subsidiary, the work continues to be performed from the parent company.

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Specialized personnel for the subsidiary

In the next stage, it is common to start hiring local talent to start providing services from the subsidiary. This person. It will be in charge of developing many of the works that in a first stage will continue to be carried out from the head office.

As experts in human resources consulting in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Portugal, we strive to maintain an active portfolio of candidates in our extensive databases. Thus, when a certain employee profile needs to be hired, we can start recruiting and selecting personnel quickly and effectively. This is particularly relevant when a key specialized position needs to be filled for the internationalization project.

personnel selection

What is the recruitment and selection process like?

UR Global’s talent attraction team needs to meet with the person responsible for this vacancy to conduct a profile survey.

During the process, and thanks to methodical questions, we seek to map the client’s needs and characteristics in order to present a list of profiles with the best fit. As experts in human resources consulting, we will first determine the relevant tasks, the requirements that the person who will perform the position has to fulfill, as well as the personal characteristics and competencies that he/she needs to have in order to develop the position in a successful way.

Once the shortlist of candidates is presented, with a descriptive report of each of the profiles, the client is accompanied in the interview process and candidate selection.

We offer a comprehensive service, since in addition to selecting the most suitable and interesting profiles for the company and conducting the round of interviews, we advise the hiring company on labor matters regarding the type of contract and aspects to be taken into account. In addition, we also offer the option of having the contracted personnel within our outsourcing company.

Thanks to the presence of our human resources consulting specialists with local offices, we have professionalized the recruitment and selection process for our clients in each country in which we operate.

The business consulting we carry out has all the resources: local search platforms, partnerships with universities and an extensive database of local and foreign personnel living in the country.

Frequently asked questions about expatriate taxation

A recruitment process, between the beginning of the search and the presentation of the job offer, usually lasts between fifteen and twenty days on average. In our consultancy, we will explain how we carry out the process.

This will depend on the experience sought, the scarcity of the profile sought and the company’s budget. However, at UR Global we advise the client on the market ranges and accompany the company in its bidding process, as well as in advising on the execution of the contract. Subsequently, we could manage your payroll and have the worker outsourced.

In these cases, we apply a three-month guarantee to support the company at no additional cost in the search for a new profile based on what was agreed with him in the human resources consulting. It’s a situation that unfortunately can occur when both parties don’t quite fit together. Therefore, our recruitment specialists will go through the process again to find the person who best fits the company’s needs.

Outsourcing recruitment or recruitment outsourcing consists of contracting out part or all of the process of finding professionals for a job. This is done by companies that are experts in personnel selection processes, as is the case of UR Global.


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