Recruitment and selection of personnel

At UR Global we are specialists in human resources consultancy. We work in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal. We own a database of over 2,000 hired workers thanks to our services in recruitment and selection of personnel, specialized in internationalizing companies.

What is the service for selection of personnel?

One of the biggest challenges for a company which decides to dive into a new market is choosing the human capital who will become part of its subsidiary. The responsible personnel are a key factor for the success of the project. For this reason, being surrounded by professionals like ours at UR Global who are experts in consultancy in human resources is essentially important for the process of recruitment and selection of personnel.

Selection of personnel is a service that allows finding the most suitable candidate for your project based on the needs of the company and the country where it operates.

How can we help you?

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In the internationalization processes, it is essential to have a consulting business to help the company to know keys and risks at the accounting, legal, labor and tax level in order to comply with all the obligations and avoid unpleasant surprises, due to ignorance and bad advice.

Service for recruitment and selection of personnel at UR Global

UR Global annually offers the service of selection of personnel to over 400 subsidiaries which we manage in the different countries where we operate: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal.

There are so many projects we start in every country with the service of recruitment and selection of personnel thanks to our database which is continuously update with new candidates. Moreover, we offer the possibility to subcontract personnel in our payroll when needed for operation reasons because many companies are obliged to fulfil a large amount of paperwork and obligations when hiring personnel and would like to have subcontracted personnel or would like to operate in a country without a legal entity (branch or subsidiary).

Why choose UR Global for the recruitment and selection of personnel abroad?

We have dedicated ourselves to build subsidiaries in the seven countries where we operate (Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru) for over 400 companies in Spain, which we manage since 2002.

These companies have requested for our consultancy in human resources to choose the responsible people for their subsidiaries and be successful in recruitment and selection of personnel. UR Global has helped the companies using a wide contact network in the country and a vast knowledge about the needs the company has in its destination.

Thanks to our experience, we know the importance of a human capital in the internationalization process, in which there are key positions for the success of the project such as the search for a country manager.

When should the externalization of selection of personnel with experts in each country be performed?

During each internationalization project, there are selections of personnel in the destination based on the different stages of the company.

Personnel when a subsidiary is opened

It is quite common for recruitment and selections of personnel processes to be performed when the society opens a subsidiary.

The society needs the presence of a country manager, who is able to manage the relation with the current clients, take the subsidiary to the culture of the parent company and do business with new clients. At this first stage, it is common that the services are still done from the parent company even though the services are invoiced from the subsidiary.

Specialized personnel for the subsidiary

In the next stage, it is common to start hiring local talent to start offering services from the subsidiary. This person will be in charge of doing many jobs which are still done by the parent company in the first stage.

As experts in consultancy in human resources in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal, we make an effort to maintain an active portfolio of candidates in our wide database. This enables us to hire a determined candidate when needed, we are able to start the recruitment and selection of personnel quickly and effectively. This becomes especially relevant when there is a specialized position key for the internationalization project.

What is the process for recruitment and selection of personnel?

Our team for attracting talent needs to meet the person who is responsible for this open position to perform a profile enhancement.

During this process and thanks to methodical questions, we aim to map the needs and characteristics of the client to show a shortlist of candidates with greater compatibility. As experts in consultancy in human resources, first we determine the relevant tasks, the requirements a person needs to meet for their position as well as the personal characteristics and competences needed to successfully work in a certain job position.

Once the portfolio of candidates is presented, we will accompany the client with the interviews and selection of the candidate with a descriptive report of each profile.

We offer a comprehensive service; we select the most appropriate candidates for the society and organize a round of interviews and we also advise in work matters to the hiring company about the type of contract and the aspects to be considered. Additionally, we offer the option of having the hired personnel as part of our company for subcontracting personnel.

Thanks to the presence of our specialists in consultancy in human resources with local offices, we have become professional in each country where we operate in the process of recruitment and selection of personnel to our clients.

The consultancy of businesses we perform has all the resources: platforms of local search, agreements with universities and a wide database of local personnel and foreign personnel who live in the country.

Frequently asked questions

A process of staff recruitment lasts from fifteen to twenty days on average since the beginning of the search and the presentation of the work demand. We will explain all the process during our consultancy.

This will depend on the experience you are looking for; how rare the target candidate is and the budget of the company. However, at UR Global we advise the client about the ranges in the market, and we accompany you in the offer process and the elaboration of the contract. Subsequently, we could manage your payroll and have the worker under subcontracting.

In this case, without any additional fees, we offer a three-month guarantee to support the company in their search of a new candidate based on what was agreed in the human resources consultancy. Unfortunately, this is a situation which can occur when both parties do not fit eventually. Therefore, our specialists in selection of personnel will perform the process again to find the person who best suits the needs of the company.

Externalizing the selection of personnel or outsourcing the selection of personnel consists of hiring one part or the whole process of searching professionals for a job. This is performed by companies who are experts in processes of selection of personnel, such as UR Global.

Generally, externalizing offers many advantages because our professionals are specialized and knowledgeable about the search tools used in consultancy in human resources. It brings greater objectivity in the analysis of the needs of work positions and reduces the time of the process for selection since there are similarities in the contacts and a wide database.

Another advantage is cost savings. This is because the internal staff only invests time in the final process of selection instead of investing a long time in the search for candidates.

One of the other advantages of hiring professionals for recruitment and selection of personnel is the image you convey to the candidates. This is because good companies for selecting personnel offer exceptional treatment during all the process when answering to all the candidates.

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