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In UR Global, we have a local consolidated team and own offices in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Portugal and Chile. They are specialists in tax and accounting advice and management.

As part of the subsidiary management in each country, we carry out all the accounting and financial processes required by the subsidiary, so that from the parent they have a clear vision, understand their financial statements and deal with any queries relating to the tax and accounting specificities in each country.

To this end, we have experts in tax and accounting advice and management with knowledge in local regulations, such as agreements between Spain with different countries for the monthly accounting performance and international taxation strategy of the company.

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Especialistas en gestion y asesoria fiscal y contable

Specialists in tax and accounting advice and management

UR Global has more than 15 years providing solutions to our clients: the international company in Latin America. We add great value in the management of what we might call “country factor”, where we have extensive experience.

There are already more than 400 companies in different countries: México, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Spain who trust us for tax and accounting advice.

Our subsidiary management professional team has extensive experience in tax and accounting advice and management for subsidiaries. They carry out a comprehensive and updated advice throughout the process.

We manage companies from various sectors:

  • PV companies, both developers and their supply chain (construction companies, engineering, investment funds…).
  • Automotive sector companies, digital marketing agencies, technology-consulting firms, franchise, B2B industrial products, online business models, telemedicine, insurance, fintech, sale products in departmental stores.

Regarding the types of companies, we adapt the service to companies that are established in the country and to which we manage their incorporation and set-up, as well as to companies that are already installed in the country and make a change, because they are dissatisfied with us, dissatisfied with their local offices that usually ignore the needs of a foreign company, international taxation and the interpretation of operations of the parent/subsidiaries.

We adapt to companies to which we manage integrally and provide all back office, as well as to companies that have internalized any department and require our services to carry out reviews and advice.

If you are looking for services in tax and accounting advice and management, get in touch with us. UR Global will offer you personalized attention.

Tax and accounting services that we offer

In tax and accounting advice and management, we carry out the following services in a timely manner:

  • Tax and accounting advice.
  • Compliance with tax liabilities in a timely manner through the preparation and presentation of taxes generated by the company in the development of its activity.
  • Compliance with the company’s obligations with regard to the presentation and payment of state and local contributions.
  • Monthly report to the client on the balance and operating account of the company.
  • Analytical accounting (status of the work, per cost center, per project …)
  • Management of bank accounts
  • We carry out the transfer pricing studies for our clients, as well as the contracts that bear the intercompany operations.
  • We provide particular value in international taxation through the optimization of parent/subsidiaries workflows, by defining the most appropriate concepts to invoice in each case, which depend on the amount to be invoiced in each project, the invoiced concept and the way of doing the work (management fees, technical assistance…).
  • In companies with production plants in the country, we have particular experience in the stock control and correct calculation of cost selling of the sold product.

In UR Global, the availability of have own offices, local team and executive management team in Latin America and Spain allows us to have fluid communication, both the parent in Spain and the subsidiary in Latin America.

Modality for companies with internalized accounting

Within our tax and accounting services, we also have a modality for companies with internalized accounting:


Tax and accounting advice for companies with internalized accounting

For companies with internalized accounting, we provide review and advisory services of your accounting, carrying out tax calculation and advising on international taxation to the company, both parent and subsidiaries.

In addition to the calls and meetings required by the client, we carry out a monthly information report that aims to the correction of errors, review and collection of implications and key points generated within the accounting and tax area.

This review work, agreed with the client, will help in decision-making, for what we provide tranquility, security and a high degree of knowledge to our clients.

Tax and accounting advice services

Although we adapt to the situation of each company, the services including the tax and accounting advice are:

  • Review of compliance with tax obligations
  • Review of quarterly provisional and definitive payments
  • Review of accounting support
  • Review of the procedure to determine the VAT collected and incurred.
  • Review of nominal income, coefficient of utility, deductions….
  • Accounting and tax reconciliation
  • Tax calculation on taxes payable
  • Resolution of permanent consultation and advice on regular operations, whose resolution does not require a specific report

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