"At UR Global we inspire a lot of trust in the company we work with, which we serve at the head office and at the subsidiaries. We are responsible for the operation and they are in control of what happens in Latin America because we have become their eyes there."
Luis M. Uranga
UR Global founder


integral business management for subsidiaries in Latin America and in business and consultancy services provided to international companies in their internationalization processes

in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, EQUATOR and Portugal.

What sets us apart


Our main client are foreign companies, mainly Spanish ones with subsidiaries in Latin America, which allows us to offer a service tailored to each client’s needs.


At UR Global we know everything there is to know about the markets in which we operate.

Responsibility and Trustworthiness

We take responsibility for the whole process, so that our clients can lean back and do not need to worry about anything since we supervise the whole project on an ongoing basis.

UR Global around the world

We offer business management services in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. This consultancy firm has developed a track record of more than 20 years managing subsidiaries and parent companies. UR Global is the only international firm integrating accounting, tax, legal, labor, administrative and banking management with logistics, import and product warehouse management.

UR Global has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Equator, Peru, Portugal and Spain, as well as warehouses totaling 7,000 square meters in Mexico City to provide offices (business center) and warehouses with personnel specialized in logistics management for companies handling products.

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UR Global

How we help companies

Gonzalo Prado
Director de operaciones

“At Ur Global we already manage more than 300 subsidiaries of Spanish companies in Latam. The company offers in a single office all the back office support that a Spanish company may need in destination.”

Our team

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