Administrative services

In UR Global, we offer administrative services for subsidiaries in order to carry out the invoicing to customers, management of their payments, stock control, among other functions.

Administrative management for subsidiaries

When the company needs administrative service to carry out tasks such as invoicing to customers, management of their payments and stock control, in case of companies that move products, we provide administrative service in a shared resources system. Therefore, companies will not have to invest in administrative personnel when there is no enough activity to hire someone full-time.

We usually also manage the bank accounts of our clients with a double signature model, where the UR Global accountant increases payments and the client accepts. With this working method, we win in two aspects:

  •  Operation: Because the client does not have to be aware of the payment schedules of payrolls or payment of taxes and suppliers.
  • Security: Because each payment approval needs double approval.
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In the internationalization processes, it is essential to have a consulting business to help the company to know keys and risks at the accounting, legal, labor and tax level in order to comply with all the obligations and avoid unpleasant surprises, due to ignorance and bad advice.

Gestión administrativa para filiales UR GLOBAL

UR Global: Specialists in administrative management


More than 400 companies trust us; we manage companies from our offices in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Equator, Portugal and Spain.


Our professional administrative management team has many years of experience and extensive knowledge to carry out administrative services for each company. From UR Global, we carry out a comprehensive and updated management of the subsidiary management and we adapt to the new technologies at all times.


We offer administrative management services to many companies in different areas: engineering, construction, renewable energy, technology, software, production plants, digital marketing, among other companies.

Personalized attention

If you need administrative advice or administrative management in your subsidiary on a daily basis, you are in the ideal site. UR Global will show you the merits of its specialist team, known for offering personalized and careful attention. We provide our services in different countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

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