Audit and consultancy for companies

In UR Global, we carry out different types of company audits in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal.

Local presence and more than 250 employees allow us to have the best professionals, knowledge of local regulations and proximity to the parent, thanks to which we provide an excellent auditing service to our clients.

Audit services and strategic consulting


In UR Global, we carry out different types of audits that we summarize below:

  • Labor audit
  • Due diligence for the purchase and sale of local companies
  • Tax audit
  • Audit for capital increase and reduction
  • Compliance audits (compliance)


Strategic consulting

As complementary service to the audit, we also carry out strategic business consultancy:

  • Assistance to executive committees
  • Advice in conflict resolution and reconciliation of partners, suppliers, clients, etc.
  • We advise on merger and acquisition transactions
  • We advise on the purchase and sale of companies

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In the internationalization processes, it is essential to have a consulting business to help the company to know keys and risks at the accounting, legal, labor and tax level in order to comply with all the obligations and avoid unpleasant surprises, due to ignorance and bad advice.

Types of audits that we perform in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Spain

We offer business audits in Latin America and Spain at accounting, tax, legal and labor level so that the company has the guarantee that local regulations are fulfilled in each of its subsidiaries.

The organizations operating in different countries are exposed to a high volume of regulations that need to be identified.

The audit of non-mandatory annual accounts is designed for companies that are under no obligation and want to be audited. It is done when the company wants to know its liquidation costs abroad, labor liabilities; administrative, legal, labor and business risks; limitations of its powers; if its insurances are right; if the company is up to date with obligations regarding the protection of its brands, data protection, as well as its shareholder diagram in the subsidiary-parent in order to receive tax and legal advice.

This kind of non-mandatory audit also serves to our clients in situations where there can be insecurity in financial statements of their different subsidiaries, i.e. for lack of confidence in the management of previous periods.

It is a very common audit made to the clients dissatisfied with their firm management. They trust us to carry out the management, conduct audits to heal accounting, taxation and labor aspects of the company and report its status to the parent.

Companies contract this kind of audit to know the compliance of labor laws of the countries where they operate.

In the audit, we review the workforce to analyze the following aspects and we carry out a risks report, changes to be made and suggestions for its implementation:

  • Contingencies for wage payment
  • Labor liabilities
  • Recruitment review through personnel outsourcing
  • Payslips
  • Calculation of income taxes and social security contributions, as well as local payroll tax
  • Review of separation calculations and severance pay upon resignation
  • Review of contracts
  • Review of employment files

A Due Diligence is an information search process usually carried out by the purchaser to assess compliance, risks analysis and contingencies of the company that is object of trade and its economic and financial situation. It aims to obtain the accurate information to make the purchase of the company, which will vary according to the analysis made, both in its value and contract conditions.

In a tax audit, we verify the accounting records and documents. The objective of the audit is the examination of its tax situation to verify if accounting has carried out with accuracy and completeness.

The international companies with subsidiaries in México, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Portugal require this tax audit service in order to know the reality of their subsidiaries and parent.

The audit report for capital reduction and audit for capital increase must be signed by a ROAC auditor. It must be available for shareholders as prior step to the extension agreement.

The capital increase agreement cannot be taken without the auditor report and administrator report that will be part of the notarial deed, where the aforementioned capital increase with charge against reserves is contained.

A compliance audit is the analysis carried out by the companies to ensure the observance of rules, both internally and externally, in legal, accounting, tax and labor areas in the countries where they operate.

Companies are analyzed and then we will give them solution and follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions on audits

The main objective of an audit is the issue of an assessment on a business information system enabling to make decisions thereon. The objective of the company audit consists in verifying if the annual accounts reflect the accurate image of the company according to the regulatory framework resulting from the implementation, by issuing an assessment on a business information system enabling to make decisions thereon.

It will depend on the complexity and trading volume, but the normal work period of an audit of accounts is 30 days, as long as the company delivers the annual accounts.

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